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Healing Hands Home Health (H4) are pioneers in the Home Health Service catering to a wide variety of health care needs. We currently provide services in Cochin and surrounding areas with


Our vision is to bring affordable Home Healthcare Service of International standards to people's Homes and give them the luxury to be treated in a relaxed and safe environment. We believe that for complete recovery both the mind and body must be completely relaxed and focused.

We are the first Organised, Professional Home Health Care service provider in South India. We currently employ IMA registered Doctors, Qualified Physiotherapists, Registered Nurses, and Dietitians. We believe in a Holistic way of treating an ailment and our mix of experienced Healthcare professionals will cater all your needs in consultation with your referring physician.

Our Home Health Care services include: Doctor Visits, Physiotherapy, Registered Nursing & Dietitian Services
Doctor Visits
We facilitate doctor visits to treat your Loved ones at Home. All our consulting doctors are Indian Medical Association registered. Our Doctors can treat acute and chronic conditions and provide preventative care and health education for all ages. In cities and towns its difficult for a Home bound patient to get to the Hospital and even if they get to a Hospital there is no guarantee they can see a Doctor without waiting. Our Doctors can treat you at your time and your convenience and if need be make referrals to other specialties. We maintain a pool of consulting doctors from multiple specializations to deal with various health issues and comorbidities.

* This is not an emergency service. For any life threatening conditions please go to the nearest Hospital for urgent Medical Attention.

We provide Physiotherapy for all patients at your time and at your door step on par with international standards.

Nursing Service by Registered Nurses.
Treatment that we offer

And all other Nursing services upon request.

We provide Dietitian services currently available only in Gyms and Health clubs at your door step and convenience.