Fitness for Life

GymFitness for Life is a group of personalised exercise programs designed to improve your health and function so you can live an active, pain-free life. The Fitness for Life program will help counteract the bodily effects of injuries, illness, inactivity, and aging.
Have you been told to exercise, but do not know where to start? Start here! This is not just another “gym program.” We know what kind of exercises really work to improve health and fitness. We know how to train you in those exercises, and we know how to help you get the results you want and need.
As part of Fitness for Life we have the following programs:



We will train you in an exercise program designed to meet your specific needs. You will learn how much exercise you need to reach your goals, as well as how fast you can expect to improve your health. And we'll teach you how to keep your program going for life.